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Valentine’s Day Specials

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m trying to plan my activities for the big day. Usually, my husband and I visit a favorite restaurant and take time out of our busy schedules to spend with each other. When planning my day, I’m often lured by various signs displayed by local retailers. For instance, a restaurant owner might display a sign in his or her window listing Valentine’s Day dinner options. Or a florist might put up a sign near the road that advertises special incentives on roses. If you own a small business, consider taking advantage of Valentine’s Day customer traffic by advertising your offerings with a professional sign. On this blog, you will discover the types of signs that capture customers’ attention on Valentine’s Day.


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Why Should You Use Digital Printing For Your New Signs?

When you need to have new signs printed for a trade show or another business purpose, you have a couple of options. You can choose traditional, so-called "offset" printing, or you can instead opt for digital printing instead. While there are times to use each printing style, there are some good reasons to choose digital printing when creating new signs. Here are two reasons to consider digital printing for this purpose.

Digital Printing is Quicker

Depending on the timing of the event when you'll need your new signs, time is of the essence when designing and printing them; that's why digital printing might be a good solution for you.

With offset printing, metal plates with ink are pressed onto rubber plates or rollers, and finally transferred from the rubber onto paper. This can take much more time than if you use a digital printer, which can be printed as quickly as you press the print button.

Digital print work can also be done more quickly because the printers spray colored powders onto the surface of your signs that are then heated and dried in the matter of a few moments. By contrast, offset printing machines use liquid ink which dries naturally, which takes more time.

Digital Printing Allows More Opportunities for Samples and Changes

Because offset printing takes so much time for setting up plates, waiting for the image to be transferred and waiting for the ink to dry, it can be frustrating to wait for a sample. If you do decide to wait for a sample and see something you don't like, not only must changes be made to the design itself, but changes must also be made to the metal plates and other components in order to print a new sample. That can take a lot of time, and you could end up paying a lot of money just for samples that you can't ultimately use.

When you use digital printing, however, because all changes are made on a computer, you can print out a sample right away. If you need to make changes, you can do so on your electronic device and print another sample easily.

With the two suggestions laid out above, you can better make a decision about whether it makes sense to use digital printing for your new business signs. Have a consultation with a local digital printing shop to find out they can create the pieces you need.

To learn more, contact a digital printing company like Houston Signs Ltd